Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Interview attire

I went for an interview today and I was at a loss as to what to wear. I had bought some special shoes for the occasion: Anne Klein, mid-size heel, black, sober but not too sober, just enough not to draw too much attention. I wore them once--not for the interview--but soon found them a tad more uncomfortable than I would have liked them to be. I can do pointy, but these had too much cleavage, plus the heel, I feel, was not broad enough, and the combination ended up being perhaps less stellar, despite the Flex sole. I'll keep them for other occasions, who knows.

Luckily for me, look what showed up soon after, on sale: a beautiful pair of Robert Clergerie pumps. At $93 (as opposed to $403) they were a steal. God, I love Zappos!. These are really pretty and the stretchy suede top is just flawless, plus the 2" heel is really comfortable.

However, I strongly believe in dressing appropriately for the season. And it's been COOOLD. And I've also had a cold (one of those big, nasty ones that fogs your head and fills it with godawful nasty goop that ends up oozing out of all your head openings all at once). So yeah, I had felt less than fabulous, so instead of dainty shoes, I opted for my trusted dainty Coach boots. They're still elegant under a wide-leg pant, and the low heel makes them comfortable enough to trot around the interview site for a while.

My dilemma came with the bag: I'm all for dressing demurely and showcasing myself rather than the clothes in interviews, but I was feeling so drab, and my pant suit was so appropriate, and my shoes so proper, that I felt like taking a risk and adding color to my outfit with my fabulous pony-hair bag. Ok, lots of color.

FYI, it's a one of a kind creation from The Village Tannery in New York, which means no, unfortunately you can't have one. And it's large enough to hold my laptop and two volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica next to it, thank you very much! The bag gave me enouch confidence to get it through the interview unscathed. Yay me. Isn't that the whole point of wearing fabulous accessories?

In completely unrelated news, the name of the taxi driver this morning was Damocles Dufleurs. Damocles. Dufleurs. I just thought I'd mention it.


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