Friday, March 03, 2006

More spring cleaning chez Scarpediem

I don't know whatever possessed me when I bought this pair of Donald J. Pliner snakeskin platform heels last year:

It might be that when I meet a pair of pretty designer shoes at a bargain price, my brain goes into momentary freeze, chanting "Must have them" in a never-ending loop, which only stops if that particular itch is satisfied.

I thought, very mistakenly, that chunky heels, unlike stilettoes, will give me the necessary stability and grounding generally lacking in 4" heels. At least that used to be my experience. Alas, not so for these babies.

I took them for a walk, one very excited spring day last year. I returned promptly, my knees still shaking from the effort of keeping me upright for the duration of a whole 3-block walk. Since then, they've been sulking in my closet, and I've been eyeing them with guilt. I like them, but not enough to put my life in jeopardy. Besides, I'm already 5' 10 1/2": what do I need the extra 4 inches for??? So, off they went to the consignment boutique where I regularly dump stuff I do not or cannot wear or use anymore.

And to think that I once thought certain heels were comfortable! Behold Exhibit B:

At 3.5" tall, these were as comfortable as could be for the following scenario:
- get ready for a night at the opera
- get picked up by date for said night
- walk from car to the hall
- walk from hall to chic restaurant nearby for an after-show drink
- walk to car again
- walk to date's apartment where the shoes get kicked off for the night (ahem).

This shoe (a cheap but solid Enzo Angiolini), walked the walk for all of these acts. The d'Orsay d├ęcolletage, the thick strap ever so euphemistically reminiscent of bondage, and the color exuded both classy and kinky at the same time, depending on the circumstances. And for the limited amount of walking I did, they were surprisingly comfortable.

And yet, they've pouted in my shoe closet, untouched, for over three years. This may be because I once tried to wear them for a night out walking as opposed to being driven places, and the effects on my feet were less than satisfactory.

I do feel sorry for the Pliners, since, as I mentioned before, Donald J. Pliner is one of my favorite designers, and the other two pairs I have by him are the both stylish and comfortable. But I'll get over it: spring is coming, and now I have room for more shoes! Hurray!!!


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