Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shuh Wiedersehen?

Heidi Klum is a remarkable beauty and an accomplished and quite often stylish woman (and no woman with HER face and figure and wallet size should ever dare not to be stylish, I say!). Love Project Runway and her Teutonic determination to take over the world--or at least, that part of the world that is moved by fashion.

However, she is also the endorser (creator?) of this oxymoronic footwear line called "Sapphire," brought to us by Birkenstock:

SapphireWhile I do admire Birkenstock's efforts to promote sensible shoes for good posture, healthy feet and pain-free back, I could never get over the dowdy, stodgy built of the shoes, which seemed better suited to grace the muddy, sturdy splayed feet of the peasant girl bringing home the cows from the pasture, against the backdrop of a remote German province, one melancholy bell tolling in the lonely Gothic spire of the village church.

Attempting to "glitz them up" with the Heidi Klum collection strikes me as futile as, say, making a pearl-string wig for the bald man in order to hide the lack of follicular activity.

And at $300 dollars suggested retail price, well, I simply think there are better alternatives.

Robert Clergerie, GuepeSo if it's the shine that you lust for to adorn your tootsies, may I suggest instead spending about 75% less for this beautiful pair of Robert Clergerie sandals, the Guepe, currently on sale at Zappos.

Taryn Rose, ChayaOr, if you've got that kind of money to spare, spring at least for a nice pair of Taryn Rose footwear, such as this beautiful thong sandal with the stylish bling:

Donald J Pliner, FemieOr even go for a very similar look at 1/2 price with this model, the Femie, created by one of my favorite shoe designers, Donald J. Pliner:

Birkenstock Wild Life, by Heidi KlumAnd whatever you do, do NOT cough up $600 for the Wild Life canvas boots simply for the pleasure of wearing Heidi's logo. For they will most definitely not help you look like her!

Were there a Project Runway for shoe designers (I'm hoping someone will pitch this show, eventually), I fear Heidi would be given the boot.


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