Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pet Peeves (part 1 of many)

In today's edition: logo-pattern accessories

Oh, I hate them, I hate them with a passion! You know what I'm talking about:

Logo (monogram, signature, whatever) shoes:

Christian Dior:



Luis Vuitton:


Logo Bags:

Christian Dior:


Luis Vuitton:


And even, horror of horrors, a whole damn outfit drenched in the ubiquitous Christian Dior logo pattern:

This screams garish out of all its 900 thousand tiny logo marks tattooed on its polyester fabric.

Add to that, of course, countless accessories: luggage, belts, sunglasses, wallets, jewelry, scarves, watches, hats, etc.

Am I the only one who thinks these objects are ugly? Tacky? Tired to death? Boring? Hiding a lack of creativity? A stubborn attempt to further fetishize brands (phrase borrowed from this NYTimes article)? A constant hammering into our corneas of the omnipresence, the magnificence, the excellence of the brand, until we finally accept it? And ironically, these logo-patterns are best suited for cheaper, less luxurious materials, like fabric or canvas or synthetic leather, though of course, the price is the same as or higher than similar objects made out of more durable, higher quality materials such as leather or suede.

Is it not true that by having us believe these logo-imprinted objects are stylish and desirable, by having us wear them, the designers turn us into walking advertisements? It's a devious scheme that we fell for hook, line and sinker. In my opinion it rather turns us into chattel, branded as in imprinted with the initials of our owners. Slaves to fashion indeed! It's just a stylized form of old-fashioned branding of the cows, except we do it voluntarily, we pay for it, and we are also proud to display it.

And of course, it's an unending source of disgusting knock-offs or cheap imitiations (such as the ugly XOXO bags).
[Edited to addIt just occurred to me why they're so susceptible to imitation: ostentatious display of the signature logo on every square centimeter of fabric is also a shortcut for the confused masses, who may wonder what is fashionable and stylish, which product to purchase to be labeled as such. Why, it's easy: the logo of a well-recognized brand MUST mean stylish, right? And instantly recognizable, right? And status-conferring, right? A no brainer!!! Let's get ourselves covered in it: easy, instant elegance! Gah! The practice gets picked up by the Asian knock-off industry precisely because it's so easy--and easily recognizable.]

So, no matter how comfortable these loafers may be (and you know I love me comfortable shoes!):

I refuse to be branded.


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

I'm with you, yich, yich, blech, blech, blech

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