Sunday, April 02, 2006

The perfect Mary Jane

I am of the opinion that one of the footwear essentials of a woman's wardrobe must be a Mary Jane. Another should be at least one pair of red shoes. Should you combine the two, you might get something like this:

See, a few years back (I believe exactly 3 years ago!) I bought an adorable pair of red Mary Janes by Joseph Seibel.. I thought they were just beyond cute, what with the blue flower peeking out of the vamp and the comfortable toebox. It took a little while to break them in (a little stiff in the back), but then I wore them into oblivion. Literally--the sole in the ball of the foot area is now so thin I'm afraid my poking a hole in it is imminent. Also, the red leather didn't stand up the test of time so well, and whitish scratches and bruises are all over it, for, I guess, a genuine distressed look. Also, upsettingly enough, the black fabric lining tends to bleed (onto your socks or toes), which is on my top-ten list of aggravating things about a shoe.

Still, I loved them so much! They were sooo comfortable and cute! And I could be naughty or nice or both in them, depending on my mood.

If you want a more upscale alternative, you might try the Espace Fossey. This red leather Mary Jane is so adorable I don't even know where to begin. First, I bought it out of necessity, since my Joseph Seibels are slowly but surely dying a graceful death. Second, the leather uppper is really high quality--though the leather bottom is not going to stay red: after exactly one wear there were white streaks all over it. But the heart-shaped low-cut vamp is what will have you swoon over the beyond-cuteness of this shoe. It can only help that there's no break-in time, and they are super comfortable (even more so for orthotics-wearers like me: plenty of room and security for the inserts, unlike those damn low-cut ballet flats, which will absolutely not accommodate my orthotics. I'll vent about that some other time). But seriously, if you want a shoe for your goody two-shoes days, or one for the days in which you want to derail people from seeing your true, naughty nature, look no further. This Mary Jane will keep people wondering either way. Even better, it's 58% off, on sale for $110.


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