Thursday, March 23, 2006

Latest shoe trends

Thanks to Henri V, I got this JC report, whose current issue is on (drum roll!!!) SHOES!
There are three words you need to know: platforms, velvet, patent--in short, PVP. I love all of them, so it's all cool! In fact, here's my latest purchase, which I probably won't be able to enjoy far longer this season:
Pretty, aren't they? It's a teal patent leather Espace boot (sorry, I got the last pair on Zappos at an 80% discount. I'm turning into a regular Bargain Queen!).
As about platforms, all you need to remember is NOT to get the type you need a step ladder to get up on (like the well known Balenciaga runway platforms).

So, if you want to hit all three at once, why not these YSL Velvet platform moccasins with patent leather piping? Of course, this is for those of you with slightly more masochistic tendencies than me.

Two trends I won't go down with, however:

1) fish skin shoes (like, ewww! I don't care how supersoft they are, just ewww!)

2) 3" and over stilettoes (quel surprise!), or alternatively high chunky/platform heels. I don't care whether you call them "vertiginous" and "feminine" and "sexy" and whatnot: as long as they condemn women to either pain or immobility and very little in-between, they're pretty much iredeemable as a global trend.

So, here's to more patent, velvet low-heeled platforms from your favorite designers, then!


At 12:46 AM, Blogger Henri-V said...

Those teal boots are bad-ass!

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I agree with Henri-V; and if you got a bargain, so much more fun!

At 2:26 AM, Blogger boshi said...

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