Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bits and pieces from all over

- I have not ignored the NYTimes article about Birkenstocks. Manolo and others covered it succinctly, so I won't beat up a dead horse much longer. I just want to say that it worries me that I, too, might have fed the masochistic fantasies of Birkenstock lovers who enjoy being insulted for their choice of footwear. Still, the shoes remain ugly, though perhaps not unsuitable for trudging about a campsite deep in the woods, while preparing breakfast over a makeshift stove.

- I salute the Elle Shoe Designer Competition, which is just that: send in your shoe design ideas for a chance to... actually, they're very evasive about the reward there, but hey, it's a fun idea anyway!

- What is with this trend of wearing dainty, strappy sandals with socks--3/4 or knee high, sometimes not even sheer? The Sartorialist has a few examples in his photo series documenting "real" fashion on the streets of New York. Am I too old for this? too conservative? I would NEVER wear socks or any kind of pantyhose with strappy sandals. It only seems to me like a toned-down version of the ever-popular college trend of grey flannel socks paired with Birkenstocks, which I always regarded as an abomination. Should I really get over my gut-instinct here and regard it as actually acceptable? To me, if it's breezy enough to wear socks, perhaps it's more appropriate to wear a closed-toe shoe, and conversely, if it's so warm to warrant a sandal, why would you wear the sock? I know that common sense rarely, if ever, governs fashion, but feel free to attempt to convince me otherwise on this particular issue.

- I finally updated my blogroll. So many fashion blogs and so little time to read!

- I got a beautiful pair of green Delman ballet flats at an incredible discount, of course: $50, down from $244 (damn, I'm good). Can't wait for the rain to go away so I can wear them!


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