Monday, March 06, 2006

The requisite Oscar post

Everybody and their brother, sister, and twice-removed cousin are blogging about the Oscars, and in particular about Oscar fashion, since nobody seems to have seen the movies anyway. (Can this ceremony become any more vacuous?)

This is just a humble shoe blog devoted to comfortable shoes, and since the Oscars adopted stilettoes, aka the world's cruelest shoes, as the footwear of choice for the ladies, there isn't that much for me to blog about.

I can, however, be amused by the various fashion columns, newspaper reports, and blog posts from all over the place (start with the blogroll on the right, please!). Said amusement comes primarily from the universal disagreement on who "rocked" the red carpet. Some just love Keira Knightley's look, some think it was horrendous. Some applaud Charlize Theron's daring Dior choice, and some derride it. Since all the people I read claim to have good fashion sense, discernment, etc., it's quite droll to see them clash in such absolute ways.

I do sense general agreement, however, on two things: Uma Thurman's grotesque makeup (too bad, she so strikingly beautiful and so was the dress), and the blechiness of Helena Bonham Carter's ill-fitting outfit, complemented by the unflattering pouffed hairdo and the white shoes which have the distinction of being both painful AND ugly at the same time:


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