Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Shoes for March the 8th

Today is March 8th, International Women's Day. As usual, this day is met with general ignorance across the US, though most European and Asian countries make a modicum of effort to mark the occasion. If you're a feminist or feminist sympathizer, you know the kind of issues that you should be concerned with (if not, get a dose of good ol' Twisty).

Since the scope of this blog is to fight for every woman's right to stylish AND comfortable footwear, let me answer a question some readers may be wondering about. What kind of shoes should you get your woman? Well, whatever you do, avoid anything with spike heels. Really. Even if she's a lover of high heels, she will still love you (all the more so, perhaps) if you give her feet a break with, say, some beautiful Icon shoes. For example, this nice ballet skimmer:

Or, for even warmer days, a pretty slide:

They are whimsical, yet sticking to classical shapes and fit you can't go wrong with. They are supremely comfortable, with soft insoles and incredible arch support. The leather is soft and supple and there is virtual no break-in time. They may not be glamorous or couture or even high-fashion (and by all means, avoid the styles that might remotely smell of kitsch); however, they are clearly made keeping in mind how a woman should feel and walk in her shoes. So, even though she may love her Louboutins, know that her tired feet will be eternally grateful for a pair of Icons. They are also happy, happy shoes: you can't look at them and not smile. Right?

You can buy them on Zappos,, and various other places on the Internet or specialty stores (in the greater Philadelphia area, the Benjamin Lovell stores). You can even find them at, where all shoes are on sale for $99, though in a limited number of sizes and styles.


At 1:40 AM, Blogger Fashion said...

hi Blog is good and pics are nice ....In which shop did you buy the Timberland shoes....???????

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