Monday, March 13, 2006

Funking it up

Although my taste usually inclines toward the more classical, clean-cut look, I am the first to admit that, on occasion, a girl has to funk things up. For example, if one must wear sneakers (and who doesn't, every once in a while), I am of the opinion that one must choose an appropriately colorful, funky, and comfortable pair, such as this printed distressed leather number from Kowalski:

You can buy this sneaker (in an even more girlish print) on their website, though I warn you, it's quite pricy: $260! Hopefully you'll be lucky, like this bargain queen: I managed to get it for a mere $80 from a Head Start Shoes sale. Kowalski shoes are made in Spain, and I've always had a soft spot for the mix of stylish and funky that the Spanish have in all things fashion. I love the little charms and beads on the shoelaces, and the print that goes with virtually everything (preferably jeans and corduroy, and just about any kind of top you like). The only drawback: those pink beads at the tips of the laces prevent you from taking them out and washing them, as I'm inclined to do, since after many wears, they're bound to get a little dusty.

However, there is such a thing as too much funk. Behold this number, available at Zappos from Irregular Choice:

Now, I know Irregular Choice is a brand that is supposed to be just that, um, irregular and not the same old same old. However, I venture to say that the way this pair was created, was by dusting up the floor after a Project Runway team of designers had sweated away for 24 hrs on their creations, and thinking hey, this would make a rather practical duster, but then someone knocks you in the head and in the subsequent altered state of consciousness you become convinced that this would make just a fab pair of perilous wedges to go with, say, a Santino outfit, but then nobody on the show buys it and you end up taking your idea to Irregular Choice, who is more than happy to sell it for, oh, a mere $124 of your hard-earned money.

The amazing thing is that all the reviews for this shoe on Zappos are glowing (except for one earnest soul who admits they're actually painful and narrow). I guess you must REALLY love boho and have a rather high tolerance to pain to dare go outside in these monstrosities made up what was left after a whole army of Muppets threw up their meal.


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