Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Green Apple Fairy's Shoes

The Green Apple Fairy was exhausted. She had run all night through the dewy meadows, sprinkling fairy dust on the apple trees, and throwing magic Vitamin C dreams at sleeping fair maidens, which usually made them wake up with rosy cheeks, healthy appetite and boundless energy for the shopping trips of the day.

But now the Green Apple Fairy's dainty little feet were achy. She couldn't help but notice that her trusted fairy pumps had lost their brightness and looked somewhat pathcy and ratty in places. I guess griffon skin doesn't take well to damp meadows, she mused, examining the raggedy heels. Plus it was getting a wee bit too warm for pumps now. It was time for a new pair of sandals.

So she called the shoemaker for the fairies, Mr. Hugglewelt, who was pretty busy with a backorder of elf slippers, but who was kind enough to listen to her request. Oh, he said, I have just the perfect thing for you. Just a marvel. Come see me in two days.

The Green Apple Fairy could barely wait, so two days after, early in the morning, she knocked cheerily at Mr. Hugglewelt's door.

"Ah, come in, come in!" he said. "Look!"

And he showed her the most perfect sandals she could ever imagine. The luscious green leather upper (a water dragon leather, Mr. Hugglewelt revealed) was woven simply but irresistably into shiny perfection. The dainty strap was just enough to keep the shoes on her feet during her nocturnal flights. And the gold heel, not too high and not too low, gracefully reflected the image behind it to the tiniest detail.

"I figured," the shoemaker said with a wink, "that this way you can keep an eye on whover might sneak up behind you."

"Oh yeah," she thought. "Those pixie fights can sometimes become dangerous. I need all the help I can get!"

She held them in her hand. They were light as a feather and the leather was soft, luscious, and the most beautiful apple green shade she could ever wish on the fruit of her beloved trees.

"Thank you," she said softly. "They're perfect!"

Robert Clergerie has a knock-off version of the Green Apple Fairy shoes. Get them while I don't!


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