Monday, May 15, 2006

Carnivale: The Bargain Edition!

This week the fabulous Bargain Queen asks us, quite logically, what our best fashion bargain was. What a wonderful opportunity for bragging! Of course, this is a rather redundant topic for this blog, which was created from the very beginning in order to promote stylish and comfortable footwear at BARGAIN prices.

Good quality bargains are sweeter, juicier, and more enjoyable than the items I paid full price for--and for which there's the ever so slight tinge of bitterness.

Like many other respondents to the carnivale, I've become convinced that it's practically absurd to pay full price for anything in our economy (well, unless you really, really, REALLY can't live without it NOW). And so, I've become an expert at browsing sales. I've posted most of my shoe finds here, so I'm just going to revisit some of them briefly, before I move on to some other bargains.

The biggest discount ever I got, and by definition the one I'm the proudest of, has got to be for this pair of Casadei slides. List price: 463.95. What I paid: $33.95. That's, um, what, 94% or something? Not bad!

Moving on: these Robert Clergerie loafers were listed for $428.95, but yours truly got them for $39.95. On the subject of Clergerie: I got these wonderful slides 77% off, and also these other equally wonderful sandals (in green) 85% off. He-he! :)

Finally, these kick-ass patent leather Espace boots (which I got in teal) retailed for $353.95. I paid: $47.95.

Bag-wise, I've had some good bargains, too. This Treesje gold leather hobo, which retails for $300 or so, was mine for $89 (my version has more colorful details and hence is prettier than the one in that picture :)). And then there's a Rafe shoulder bag (link is to an Ebay auction), large enough to tote my tiny laptop in, in a chevron pattern with blue and green ("seawave") leather piping and pockets--a beautiful piece, which I got 70% at Nordstrom ($118, down from $395).

I've also gotten some great clothing bargains in my time. Whereas these days I rummage through the sales racks at Banana Republic (I find the occasional beautiful pink top with a satin waist tie for $14, down from $78, or the flattering wrap dress for $33, down from $198 or so)--my all time favorite boutique to shop was the now defunct Inguz on 20th and Walnut (link is to a Citysearch review of the shop, which has not been taken down yet). I got some fabulous skirts and tops there, really unique pieces you won't see anywhere else, at equally fabulous prices. I sobbed when they went out of business--Anne, who ran the shop at the time, claimed the location was bad, and she couldn't survive there. It wasn't for my lack of trying, I tell you that! I was such a good customer she gave me a gorgeous green dragonfly brooch as a parting gift. Oh, and a complete knitting kit (she wanted to learn but changed her mind. I haven't made much progress either, but one day, one day...).

Another boutique sprouted in its place--Maria Baros, but I couldn't really bring myself to shop there. Yet. But still--Philadelphia does need more independent boutiques like that, so I guess one day I'll get over my grief for the demise of Inguz and start supporting local boutiques again.


At 11:55 PM, Anonymous KRiSTOPHER DUKES said...

Ooh la love.

I can top your bargain:

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Are you turning green like my lovely gown?

At 7:22 AM, Blogger Scarpediem said...

*green explosion*

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