Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shoe of the week: for the emancipated princess in you

These Robert Clergerie Ravhi sandals are definitely not for everybody, but they're definitely for me. Although they're a bit flat for my taste (two words, you shoe-designers, you: arch support! it can't be that hard!)--they're still supremely comfortable and eye-catching.

Their primitive aura leads me to believe that these were the shoes dragons made for all the princesses they stole and kept in a far-away tower. I mean, they needed footwear, right? And as long as they were there, the dragon had to take care of them, right?

I suspect this is what a dragon shoemaker in love might produce: give him the hide of a giant wild boar for the sole, and the soft suede of some enchanted deer fallen in the evil traps set up by the dragon's minions on the fringes of the Dark Forest, add a handful of studs, and then a few more studs, and voila. Complete the look with some of the dragon's own scales, lovingly and painstakingly collected and glazed and polished to adorn the sandal.

The princess tries it on her delicate foot and they fit pretty well. Granted, these were not her shoes of choice, but the Cinderella slippers had been lost during the abduction, so what's a girl to do?

So the princess wears the fierce sandals for lack of a better option, and she gradually finds them so much more comfortable than those dainty Cinderella shoes, that she starts enjoying walking around, takes up fencing and weight lifting, and by the time Prince Charming comes to the rescue she's actually in better shape and saves him from the clutches of the hopelessly-in-love dragon.

She could actually give him the final blow with a kick of those pointy dragon-scale-ornaments, but at the last minute she sees his eyes and understands. So she spares his life, sends a befuddled Prince Charming off on his way, and sets out to start a Center for Princess Empowerment in a remote corner of the kingdom.

The symbol on the Center is the Gold Dragon Sandal, of course.


At 4:01 AM, Anonymous KRiSTOPHER DUKES said...

Though it pains me to wear any shoe less than 4", those flat sandals make me go

Ooh la love.

I can see them with a white chiffon, drop waisted dress.

Similar to one in my closet.

Hmm, I smell Kristopher style blasphemy.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Scarpediem said...

I love that pairing with the white chiffon dress! Excellent! Oh, and did I mention they're on super sale at Zappos (77% off)? However, I think they're down to the last available sizes (34 and 35! I think I snatched the last pair in 40, good for me).


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