Thursday, April 13, 2006

More Zappomania

So yeah, I'm a Zappos addict. Sue me.

Major disappointment yesterday: I had left two items in my shopping bag (as it is often my sneaky habit) only to return several hours later and see them gone. Sniff sniff. See, I do that because I want to make sure that I absolutely want the item in question before I click "proceed to checkout." Only, when there is only one pair left in my size, at a fantabulous discount (80% or such)--chances are, somebody will be more determined than me to get it.

So it is that I lost the green Kate Spades pictured in the banner of this site, as well as another fabulous pair of Clergerie green slides. My heart aches, but my wallet seems to be thanking me.

Now I'm finding myself coveting this:
The Robert Clergerie Tibet handbag is just so delightfully woolly and wacky and just a little bit insane, that I am naturally and irresistably drawn to it. Not to mention that it seems to be made of the same material as my wonderful winter blanket (some of which you can see in the second of the Happy Bag picture series)--which makes me think the bag will come in handy on those breezy days, conveniently doubling up as a wind-breaker-body warmer thingy. Unfortunately, the price is still steep, but hey, I'm here and watching you, frizzy crazy handbag, just know that I'm watching you until you give in to the kryptonite Internet stare and your price will go down to the equivalent of 15 lattes, and then hey, I'll be happy to subsist on mediocre supermarket coffee for a while knowing that your woolly goodness will turn heads and, well, yes, possibly trigger smiles, or maybe snickers, but I won't care because you'll be mine, all mine, mwahhahahaahahah!

Ok, this needs to stop. Seriously, I need an intervention.

I think I'll go take a shower now.


At 4:54 PM, Anonymous KRiSTOPHER DUKES said...

Ooh la love.

I'm totally a sucker for anything ridiculously furry as well. My closet is a zoo - ostrict skin purses, snakeskin, ponyskin, mink, seal... Can't help it.


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