Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How did I ever live without these?

Gel socks, that is.

The link doesn't get you to the pair I puchased, which was from Bath and Body Works, from the True Blue Spa collection, which, btw, also makes fabulous foot scrubs and creams.

So, after a good scrubbing and ritual slathering of the cream, I put on the gel socks (which, I read somewhere else, are discontinued; too bad!). In an hour I had the softest, sandal-worthiest feet of my life.

I'm a firm believer in self-mani-pedi, for the simple reason that I am very (very!) good at it. I am, in fact, ruthless, and much more detail-oriented than any manicurist or pedicurist I ever dealt with. So now, I don't think I can envision another pedicure without these incredibly moisturizing socks.

Oh, and if you leave them on for the night, you'll get the softest tootsies imaginable, not to mention the evil specter of cracked heels will be kept at a considerable distance.


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