Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Carnivale: The Morbid Edition!

The Style Bard has the momentous question for us this week:
In what clothes and accessories would you like to be buried?
Oy! My first reaction, naturelment, was nooooo! I don't want to be buried! Really, when I'm dead, I'll (justifiably) have no concerns for my mortal coil, and I'd like to be cremated. Not necessarily in nice clothes, though. And besides, I'd like to bequeath my fashion possessions, whatever they may be at that time, to people who may actually enjoy them. What am I going to do with them in the grave? Beautiful things should be worn in the real world for as long as they hold up, not taken underground to rot.

But then she wrote:
If it helps, think of the prompt as something more along the lines of, if you were Snow White and bit that poison apple and had to be frozen in a glass casket until the man of your dreams came to find you preserved in exactly that way (except all of your friends and family are there, too), what would you like to be wearing? Like... a day all about you, where everyone you know will see you and you are the center of attention- like your wedding day, except without all of those horrible fashion constrictions of tradition.
Ah! Frozen in a glass casket? Now we're talking! In that case...I must, MUST wear a dress, since I so rarely wear one in real life. And I've been in a formal dressy state of mind lately, so how about this pretty Oscar de la Renta brocade dress:

Some dresses or skirts need movement to show their fluidity and drape nicely around the body. This dress is adorable but also stiff enough to look pretty on me in a state of total stillness. Plus, it will nicely complement my pale cheeks and red locks. So, it's formal, you say, but am I not in the most formal of situations? Really, people. I believe we must preserve decorum even when we've gone to meet our maker. Maybe especially then.

This is the occasion when I'd finally be able to wear my unwearable 3 3/4" Dries van Noten heels:
They're quite comfortable when you don't have to walk in them!

For a finishing touch, perhaps a tasteful diamond bracelet?

And never mind those price tags--it's a fantasy, after all.

Wait--is it?


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