Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shoe Nomenclature

I just KNOW that every shoe lover has wondered, at least once in her life, what's up with those shoe names?

Sure, there are some that are innocuous enough--your run-of-the-mill Annie, Lolita, Bridget, or Carolyn. For example, these Chiara flats from Claudia Ciuti:
Chiara: only pretty girls have pretty names and pretty shoes. Isn't it obvious?

These are pretty girls' names, probably of some importance to the designer, or selected so they sound fashionable and desirable to the heiress crowd. The rest of us don't really give a damn.

Clergerie opts for the exotic, hard-to-pin-down names, perhaps more suited to the general sobriety and understated chic of this line: Kazu, Taposa, Nulux, Ugaro, Mazil, Psaume:
You're not from around here, are you?

Numbers instead of names is a really popular trend, especially among the couture brands--e.g., Christian Lacroix 964290:
My name is 0. 964290. Write that down.

The number denominations seem to be pretty popular: they are widely used by Casadei, Marc Jacobs, Costume National, Pucci, Missoni, Claudio Merazzi, L'Autre Chose, Sigerson Morrison, Jean Paul Gaultier and others. Is this some haute couture convention I don't know about? If someone knows why, do give me a holler!

Some are whimsical (or just smart-ass), like the Kenneth Cole ones: Bocachino, Angel Cake, Do-Re-Mi, Frank Call, Cos I Say So, Pop Out, Day Planner:
Can you tell the're a hidden day planner underneath the vamp of these shoes? No? But there could be!

Some go for the high brow references: The Iliad from Michael Kors, the Leibniz, from Bruno Magli, Spartacus from Naughty Monkey.

And then, there are others that, well, are certainly worth a second look--like in, "say whaaaa?"

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of these shoe-puzzles I haven't been able to solve recently:

Stuart Weitzman's "Webcam"
Um....Ok, I give up.

Or the Oklahoma:
As in, I can't imagine a less sexy name for a shoe.

Or the Puppy Love from Irregular Choice (nicely complemented by their Woof 3116-2B model):
Cuz nothing says puppy love like a pair of ill-fitting, ugly pumps.

Or the Elbow Crease from Aerosoles:

Elbow Crease? Really??

There are others: Celery Stick, Gram Central, Dread Stock, Front Door, Product Democracy, Shanghai Nights.

All I'm saying, is there such a job as shoe-naming? For it sounds like FUN!


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