Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Love My New Flats

Just like every other mid-20’s young professional girl, living in a society filled with thrills, frills and ever changing styles, I try hard to stay in-tune with the latest and greatest fashions and trends. While flipping through my weekly People magazine, holding a frothy Starbucks concoction in my discount manicured hand, I see numerous celebs photographed with the same Starbucks drink and wearing the latest duds – the hottest, and most savvy clothes that I will never be able to afford. *Sigh* In my weakest consolation however, I take it upon myself to hunt down the same looks on an affordable scale. Why we try to stay so in-tune with these looks, I am afraid to admit. Are we trying to actually be fashionable or just give into creating an illusion that we are fashionable? Touché and ole. Either way, I’m determined to look my best but at the lowest cost possible!

The latest snazzy trend I’ve delved into is that of the ballet flat. Now you must understand that this was a hard one for me. I am short, and all of my pants are about 4 inches too long for me. Heels have always been my savior. For me to make such a commitment to these cute flat shoes, I’d have to acquire a wardrobe that would cooperate! Over the lapse of 2-3 months, I managed to purchase some new jeans that were a bit shorter and didn’t drag behind me when I walked on bare feet. (And yes, I was happy to have a valid reason for needing new clothes.) This was step one.

The second, and possibly most important step, was finding the right shoe. There are so many out there, I had quite a time finding the perfect ones. Early on I determined that the only time I’d wear this style of shoe would be in casual, everyday wear only. This cut down on the swankier styles – I crossed out the shoes with the fancy stones and shiny glam. Too bad. But luckily, after several weeks of hunting and pillaging every department store and online retail shop around, I invested in two pairs of shoes that I have since fallen in love with.

This Mia shoe was my first find. It is certainly a beauty, and incredibly unique. It was
rather an impulse buy when I purchased them because my search had grown quite tiring and this one was so different than the others I had seen thus far. After I got them home, and took them out of their cute black shoebox I freaked momentarily. “What am I going to wear these with?!” I frantically ran into my closet, and grabbed my new short jeans. I immediately tried them both on, and what a relief – they worked together! While surveying my new non-lifted heels in the mirror, I discovered I needed a shirt to complete the look (that’s right folks, I’m no Amy Winehouse). These flats feature a very interesting semi-metallic gray, and to my shock they seemed to match just about all of the tee’s and tops I had. How cool! I couldn’t wait to rock them out, and anyone in my path can spot me wearing them at least 3 times a week.. and they’re probably the most complimented pair of shoes that I own.

Well as you can probably tell, life after flats was treating me well. It was like wearing flip-flops in winter – I was hooked! Thus began my search for pair number two. Since I
was so elated with my new found foot heaven, I decided I would splurge a little more on the newbie’s.. and here are my new flats. Pretty, eh? Now these shoes were a bit more pricey as I explained, but I have no regrets. And to make them even cooler, they come with an impressive little story. They were made of a high quality Brazilian leather, by a brand I have just learned about – Corso Como. They’re an eco-friendly company that are apparently as equally friendly to their employees. The only reason I know this is because these shoes came with a neat little booklet, of which I read with pride while wearing a new pair of short jeans and my fancy new kicks. It was like Christmas on my feet, and I was tickled pink with both the quality and style these of these shoes. The laser cut floral design on these tan flats shoes showed just a tiny glimpse of my freshly painted toes nails, and gave an interesting flair to my everyday wardrobe.

The moral of this story is easily summed up. It might be sad to say that I have an impressionable fashionista mind, but I was brave enough to stray from my normal daily footwear and try something new. It was a fearful and unknowing outcome, but I made some wonderful shoe selections, and even scored some new jeans! All in all, this was a successful foot faring adventure.


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