Sunday, April 23, 2006

Clean Laundry Carnivale!

This week, the extraordinarily talented Danielle at Final Fashion (seriously, check out those drawings!) asks us to describe that favourite outfit that we always like to wear still warm from the dryer.

To which my first response is, "my pajamas, of course"! To be even more specific, it's a very simple, long ,white, empire-waisted, lightweight cotton nightgown, just perfect the warm summer nights.

But seriously--fresh out of the dryer, I think I like my Gap solid-color tank tops (gasp! ze horror!). Yes, I have a bunch of them and I think they're supremely versatile because I can layer them ad infinitum, without going through the same outfit twice.

In all honesty, my all-time favorite outfits do not take lightly to the washer and dryer cycle, and require the gentler touch of dry-cleaning. Hence, I will only briefly mention here my all-time favorite flared black jersey pants, long-waisted and creating the most streamlined, feminine sillhouette that I could ever hope for. Or my favorite black and grey leaf-print Dana Buchman silk flutter sleeve top, which also creates the illusion of a much slimmer waist.

And because everybody loves clean, bright socks, I'll have to mention the red giraffe-print socks I'm quite fond of and which make a cameo appearance in this picture:

...which also reveals that my dog is, in fact, the biggest clean laundry afficionado of us all. He likes to get in on it as soon as I get it out of the dryer. For those of you horrified by this, don't worry: Idefix is cleaner than most people I know, since he takes a shower every day after coming from the dog park, with lukewarm water, please, and Earthbath shampoo. And yes, he's the most snugglicious creature I've ever encountered.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

oh fucking cute dog! I want one of those!

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Maria Palma said...

I can just imagine how comfortable your dog is feeling! I sometimes like to do that too - throw all the clothes on the bed and jump in ;)

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Scarpediem said...

Some of us actually lived up to that dream (Verbal Croquis.

More Idefix goodness at Idefix on Flickr.

At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Susanna said...

Oh, wittle puppy wuppy so cute.

Is he a superhero? He must be. They all are. Who else can make the grey skies blue and do a happy dance when someone even mentions the word "car" or "carrot?"

Lucky you!

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Scarpediem said...

Susanna, I am indeed very lucky: my dog is a little angel, and I have to really exercise restraint in order not to gush about him approximately 24/7, including on this blog. I'm afraid that once I start, I can't stop. He's a miniature bull terrier, 30 lbs of pure muscle, but as gentle and playful as they come.

Idefix is furry goodness, canine perfection, adored and adorable at the same time. He was born a Lover, and he will lick your face with wild abandon, throwing in some tongue action if he can (I call it French licking, or lick-a-thons). His other hobbies: wrestling dogs 3 times his size, chasing the waterhose, and eating Greenies (which he richly deserves).

At 2:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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