Saturday, May 20, 2006

Carnivale: The Halloween Costume Edition!

The Style Graduate asks this week a fun question: what runway look we would wear as a Halloween costume. This is a question that is both easy (so many choices!) and difficult (so many choices!).

Still, I feel that my task is a breeze thanks to this year's Dior couture collection, presented by the "funky little fashion troll" (as The Manolo dubbed him), John Galliano:
What I would go as? The High Priestess of Galliano Church. In truth, I died long ago and now I walk the earth to cast the Galliano curse onto whomever dares to look into my lifeless eyes. The cross is a decoy to lure in unsuspecting nuns and priests and rob them of their garments in order to slash them and drape them "artistically" around new converts.

If the host of the Halloween party is indeed the more free-spirited cutting edge person, I could even dress like this:
"Galliano fashion victim road kill." Not even the deflector mirror shades and the spiky cross could save me, and now I roam the earth, inconsolable and forever cold.

If however, my host would be easily scandalized with my lack of a visible undergarment, I could button up but keep the mirror motif in this Comme des Garçons outfit:
I am evidently inhabited by the unhappy, violent spirit of the Phantom of the Opera. I may look melancholy, but I have a short temper that manifests itself in my low tolerance for karaoke competitions. Before Simon Cowell, it was me--and I will not stop at snide remarks. No--I'll make that chandelier fall on your head before you can torture me with you squeals.

Oh, ok. Maybe none of those looks is really me. Really. However, this Alexander McQueen creation--now, that I would wear at any Halloween party:
Why? Isn't it obvious? I am sort of an academic type, so those owl feathers sprouting out of my skull would be subtly indicative of my bookish, utterly geeky nature, right? Plus the jacket is rather cute, the skirt seems flattering, and I bet I could rawk those granny boots.

Who would I be? The spirit of your English teacher coming to torment you about all those times you mocked her in classroom and refused to learn that it's recEIve and not recIEve, despite being told oh, about a thousand times. I carry on my head the plumes of wisdom and in my tweed-and-ruffle-clad heart, the seed of revenge. This time if you don't behave properly in the vicinity of the English language you will be flunked, double-flunked, and flunked again. Beware!


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