Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In which I put a curse on ill-designed websites

...such as Kate Spade's very own Sample Sale site (registration required), which cannot be moved to show me the goodies. And they boast up to 70% off prices! All between Aug. 15-17!!! Oh, the humanity!

I started this post in earnest to publicize this sale, but I'll end it in frustration. I've tried Firefox and IE, I've registered and re-registered and verified the password, I enabled and re-enabled cookies and JavaScripts and what not, I turned off my Norton Internet protection, I waited patiently through dozens of painfully slow-loading error pages, I followed with bated breath the progress bar at the bottom of the browser page, one orange bar after orange bar, only to be disappointed by a big fat nothing.

Oh well, I hope you have better luck. I guess I'm stuck with my Kate Spade dreams for now.


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