Sunday, December 30, 2007

Major Elements

I have recently come across an evening shoe that combines some of my favorite elements in life and fashion. What are these elements? Class, Style, Intrigue, and Major Sex Appeal. This 4-inch heel by Luichiny, hits all these buttons in just the right way.
Let’s start with Element One: Class. I believe that the conservative peep toe and heel embracing back do some major communication in a very subtle way. The entire design of the shoe has so much to say, however it says it very delicately and confidently. It is not a shoe that will ever speak louder than your dress, although it will certainly be the highlight of your ensemble.

Moving on to Element Two: Style. If you’ve kept an eye on what the celebrities and fashionistas are sporting these days, you will notice that a hint of vintage and old world glamour are the hot trend. These popular shoes have the same vintage-like appeal, with the front cross straps, open toe and satin backing. This shoe works well with many of the newest styles, like a trendy babydoll dress & stockings or with a cute top & a pair of skinny jeans. Simply magnifique!

Now for Element Three: Intrigue. Although many shoes may cover the other elements mentioned here, this element in particular is not so easy to come by. Mystery and intrigue are number one with this shoe, given the unique duality of black leather and silky satin. The intricately woven straps on the front of the shoe and sides create a lovely dynamic that will grab the attention of any onlooker!

Finally, Element Four: Major Sex Appeal. When you think about it, what could be more important? This shoe creates an interesting appeal regardless of the outfit you may be wearing. The lofty 4-inch heel gives adds length and lift to your leg and calf muscles, and the peep toe shows off your toes. The entwining straps lead up to the ankle strap in a teasing and flirty way. The unique design and sheer experience will leave you and others breathless!


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Crispy Banana said...

freakkking gorgeous i almost bought them myself

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Crispy Banana said...

fierce shoes

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