Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clergerie knock-offs?

Remember these sandals?
That's right, they're the Robert Clergerie suede slides "Ravhi," here pictured in "gold" (well, it's more like a mustard color), which I had deemed fit for the emancipated princess in you. They retailed for over $360 on Zappos (I got them for just a little bit over $70).

Well, here's a much cheaper knock-off, on sale at Anthropologie:
It only comes in brown, at least on their site (the original came only in black, orange, and gold), and the sole is man-made as opposed to leather, but the resemblance is uncanny, isn't it? At about $70 on sale (down from $98), they're about as much as I paid for the original, but on the other hand they might just solve my lack of a nice brown sandal for this summer. Mmmmm.... tempting.....


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