Thursday, May 25, 2006


I noticed that a large amount of referrals to my site came today from It turns out I'm one of the featured blogs--and they even used part of my masthead for the "Adorable and Affordable" banner! Took me a while to figure it out, since I didn't expect yours truly to be featured on such an extravagant spot of website real-estate (I expected, at most, more of a marginal link somewhere way, way, way down). At any rate, thanks, guys!

So I believe it's time to celebrate in time with something cute and practical for the summer. Today, let me recommend:
That's right--Born Lisbon thongs, of all things! I got them in the middle of the winter, for a lucky $39.95, but they're now about $61. Still, I think you should give them a try.

As an aside: I am one of those people who stayed away from thong footwear for the longest time (specifically, until last year), because I was dead sure it would cause chafing and rubbing and pain and general horror between my toes. I started off gently with a Kenneth Cole Coconut Grove gold leather thong, which looks approximately like this (except, you know, in gold):
And what do you know! They were comfortable and cute--and perfect for that hot steambath that passes for summer in Philly, when you want to cover as little of you as possible.

I gently expanded my thong brood with this rather unique green Franco Sarto Dey (on sale now for $39.95, if you're interested):
And finally got around to the above-pictured Borns. Now, Born is a tough brand to find cute, girlie styles in, but they've come up lately with a variety of shoes that are just as much a pleasure to look at as they are to walk in (I'm keeping my eye on their slide with detachable vamp flower, which comes with 5 interchangeable floral leather accents).

Should you be in need, however, of a cute, practical, feminine, and outrageously comfortable thong (that is NOT a flip-flop!) to saunter through those hot, lazy summer day, look no further than the Lisbon. Just don't try to run in them, and you'll be fine. They also come in a green+blue ("Celadon") and a brown+off-white ("Henna") combination. I own the "Froth" one, pictured.


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