Monday, May 22, 2006

More Anthropologie obsessions.

The price may not always be right, but Anthropologie surely has some unique, colorful, youthful, and cute-as-a-button shoes on sale at the moment. I can't stop slobbering over these Maloles espadrilles, for example. Aren't they perfect for summer at the Riviera? Perhaps with a breezy long white eyelet skirt gently flapping in the breeze, while you dreamily lean against the strong shoulder of your handsome, sensitive companion who scopes the green waves of the ocean together with you? He might also remark how perfectly your espadrilles match the color of the sea. So what if he's gay? At least you haven't paid $135 (that's 50% off, still!) for nothing.

It's also maddening how well they match my Rafe tote, whose color scheme, coincidentally, is also described as "seawave":

More in my price range, however (about $65), seem to be these lovely rose thongs (all leather):
Tres cute, n'est ce pas? Or even these fabric and leather Mary-Janes, which also spell summer with a capital S:

Oh, and speaking of Rafe: these Bollywood-inspired gold-and-turquoise bejeweled leather thongs could make anyone feel like an Indian princess. They could even convince me to try on a sari for the first time in my life, and despite my deep conviction that such a garment would do nothing for me. Regardless, at $250, they're pretty much out of reach for now.

Ok, enough shoe goodness. It's enough to make one feel dizzy. Just a word of caution: not all Anthropologie is shoe gold. Case in point:

While the front of these linen pumps is interesting and unique enough, I just can't imagine for the life of me why one would shell $200 to have their feet look like hooves.


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