Saturday, January 05, 2008

Shiny Little Things

If you have a pulse and own a remote control, you will have noticed that patent leather has exploded this year in the world of shoes, handbags and accessories. Personally I couldn’t be happier with the new shiny surge. Patent leather is so classy, and much cheaper than their leather counterparts. There are so many neat styles that have been created too. This trend has also renewed my belief that designers really do have creative bones in their quirky, rich little bodies.

Take these shoes by Kenneth Cole Tribeca, for instance. As you can plainly see, they are consumed by sheer awesomeness. The d’orsay design is complimented well by a luscious feminine bow – all of which are created in a stunning gray patent leather! There are even pleated details on this shoe – who knew this was even an option with patent leather? This shoe has redefined everything I ever thought was possible, considering patent leather is generally thought to be used in black colors and flat styles only. But now I’m happy to see this is no longer the case! Oh the shimmer and shine that will be mine, and for little to no cost.

Let’s look at another example. This shoe is by one of my favorite brands: BCBGirls. Every shoe I’ve ever bought from them has been a true winner. This particular style is like nothing I’ve seen come from them, and is very interesting. As you can see in this picture, the shoe has a funny shape – and believe it or not, it’s for a good reason. Not only does this style feature a blend of dark red patent leather with a black patent toe, but the shoe is elasticized! That’s right, no more wearing them around them house to try and break them in before you actually have to wear them! They actually conform to your foot, and offer a great fit and flexibility. Now did you ever think that a patent leather shoe would ever offer that capability? I certainly did not. Hooray for cute, comfy, and cheap shoes!!

This goes to show that the latest fashion trends are not always for the birds.. or for crazy rich people who can buy a new monthly wardrobe to stay on top of the latest fads. This patent leather trend is for girls like us, who want to look cool and chic without breaking the bank – or our cute feet!!


At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Therese Q. said...

I love patent leather pumps. They are so versatile and chic.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Running said...

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At 3:11 PM, Blogger Running said...

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